“48 Hours:” How DNA uploaded to a genealogy database helped solve a double murder after 31 years


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4 years after rescue, some Turpin children still ‘living in squalor’ despite donations, pledges of support

After suffering unspeakable abuses and deprivation at the hands of their parents, the Turpin siblings — it seemed — were on the path to a new life: a future with the resources needed to start fresh, to make up for the years they were locked away from the world. Nearly four years ago, after authorities rescued the 13 Turpin siblings from their family home in Perris, California, where they were subjected to brutal violence and deprived of food, sleep, hygiene, education, and health care, advocates and county leaders assured the siblings — and a concerned public — that help was on the way. “We are confident, given what they’ve been through and how resilient they are, that they’re going to be really successful,” said Jack Osborn, a court-appointed attorney for the seven adult children, after their parents’ sentencing in 2019.

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