Jane Ferguson:

It was, it seems, a series of bombs. There was one massive car bomb that exploded around about 4:00 p.m. local time just outside the gates of the school. It’s not specifically a girls school, but the boys and girls studied at different times. And in the afternoon, it was the slot for the girls. So these girls were coming out and it’s believed that after that car bomb, there were at least two other explosions in the area.

There have been 50 confirmed dead, over 100 injured. But some of those injured are also in critical condition. So the death toll could rise even higher than it already has.

We also know that the Taliban have condemned the attack and are denying any responsibility. Now, that’s not unusual for the group. They have, of course, this deal with the United States that they signed that sort of insinuates, or at least it had some parts of it, some of the parts that we don’t that have not been made public, are believed to have set, have basically tied them to not attacking major cities or big spectacular attacks like this. It also is much more characteristic of ISIS because it’s likely that this attack could be more of an ethnically motivated attack.


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